Thomson 585 v7 (v6 is the blue version and the interface will look different but setup will be the same way)

Connect modem to power supply, use the included phone cable.  Connect the Ethernet Cable to the Ethernet 1 port on the modem and the other end into your computer.  Wait 30 seconds for your computer to connect with the modem, then open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, or Chrome) and type in the internet address bar.  If a pop up appears, then use admin for both the username and password (or possibly Administrator and no password).  You may see a setup my speed touch link when you first open your browser.  We recommend running it from the modem interface - instructions below to allow you to also setup the Wireless.  You should then see the screen below when you log into the modem:



Click on the Thomson Gateway link on the left side of the screen, it will bring you to the following page below.  Click Setup my Thomson Gateway.


Here you enter the modem setup and settings, as well as your username and password and the admin access username and password.


Choose Routed PPP when you get to the screen below

Choose 0.35 from the screen below (if you choose anything else it will not work).  Set the Connection type to PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)


Enter your username and password.  You will have to enter your DSL password twice.  Click Next.

Enter the username and password so you can access the router to make changes in the future.  This is not the wifi password.  Often it is set to admin for both.


Click start.  This will run through a setup program that takes 30 to 60 seconds to run.  When it is done it will ask for the username and password you set above for the router.  The click Finish.

Click Home to return to the main page once the setup wizard is done.  Then Click the Wireless link from the main page to access the following wireless page:

Click Configure on the top right and then change the SSID to the name you want your wireless network show up as (such as or SmithFamily), and the security settings.  Change the Disable button at the bottom, to WEP or WPA.  The default password located on the bottom of the modem will appear when you chose either security option.  You can override it to a 10 digit password.  If you don't then the password will be the one on the bottom of the modem, which is convenient should you misplace the wireless access password.

Click apply, then click Thomson Gateway on the left side.  Go to Restart my Thomson Gateway.  Click Yes I want to Restart my Gateway.  (Be careful no to click Reset my gateway as that will reset the modem to the facorty settings).